Bitcoin is the hardest money known to humanity. And there is nothing that hard money doesn't concern and can't fix. Therefore

Bitcoin Fixes This

... and that, and everything.

Bitcoin, a new concept of virtual money

Let's consider the rigged global financial system. We don't know how much money actually exists and we have politically-motivated inflation. In comparison, Bitcoin has a fixed, predictable and auditable supply. Global financial system? Bitcoin fixes this!

Now let's think about individual savings and how hard they are to withdraw. The bank won't ask you why you're depositing the money and will gladly take it. But when you want to withdraw it, they'll make you fill in forms and charge you fees. And if you never made any interest, you most likely got ripped off while they used your money.

Well, Bitcoin also fixes this: you can move your coins anytime and without the permission of a third party. You also don't pay a fixed fee and essentially bid for block space. So if you want your transaction to confirm faster, you pay more. But if you don't care how long it takes, you can pay the smallest fee and wait.

Gold coin bitcoin

Is your purchasing power diminishing year after year? Do the money in your pocket lose value? From a historic point of view, Bitcoin has made tremendous gains over time. Compared with fiat currencies, Bitcoin has increased in value. Once again, Bitcoin fixes this.

Are you afraid that your government may become totalitarian and you may have to flee the country? Good luck taking all your possessions and moving them across the border. It's likely that you won't be able to withdraw your money from your bank accounts. And if you think that moving cash across the border is a good idea, think again.

But with Bitcoin, you can go anywhere and take your money with you. All it takes is 12 words that you memorize or write on a piece of paper or metal. Abusive wealth confiscation of inconvenient and heavy possessions? Bitcoin fixes this!

Has Covid-19 made you feel disgusted of paper money? Are you thinking a lot more about the germs that we pass on during our daily exchanges? Well, Bitcoin fixes this too: it's immaterial and cannot carry any viruses.

Gold bitcoin

Do your transactions get censored? Are you afraid that your credit card company might deplatform you? Have PayPal and Patreon denied their services to you? Are you losing your financial freedoms every day? Once again, Bitcoin fixes this: no third party can deny your right to send and receive money.

Mobile banking interface with access denied

Is your bank closed on Saturdays and Sundays? You need to make a payment but can't wait until Monday morning for settlement? No transactions get processed outside of office hours? Well, Bitcoin fixes this: the network operates 24/7 and never takes any breaks. So if you want your transaction to confirm in 10 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day, you can have it.

Looking for a good reason to learn about Austrian economics? Always wanted to understand computer science and cryptography? Do you like game theory? Then Bitcoin definitely gives you the ultimate fix. It comes with a deep rabbit hole that can keep you busy for years!

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Is the Cato Institute getting a little too boring? Are the folks at the local Mises club getting boring? Are your Rothbard friends getting a little too predictable? Don't worry, Bitcoin fixes this! Once you fall down the rabbit hole, you will find all sorts of interesting people. Get on Twitter, join the Plebs on Telegram and you're going to have a lot of fun.

Looking for an excuse to break away from the mainstream narratives? Are you tired of fake news and you're looking for the objective truth? Does the idea of immutable and irreversible actions appeal to you? Bitcoin fixes this by offering an oracle for verifiable truth.

Have you always been a doubter who asked too many questions? Are you convinced that the "truths" that you hear need more investigation? Are you having a hard time making friends because of your trust issues? Bitcoin also fixes this with a community which embraces the "Don't trust, verify" mantra.

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Are you the spending type? Are you having a hard time abstaining from spending all your money? You want to break the cycle of getting yourself into debt for meaningless items? Bitcoin fixes this by offering the ultimate saving mechanism. It's called the HODL and it involves lowering your time preference. While you're at it, you will learn how to distinguish between wants and needs.

Are you a gold bug? Are you convinced that the world will never have harder money than your shiny metal? Is your favorite time in history 19th century France? Do you blame Richard Nixon for the destruction of the constitutional US dollar? Are you obsessively hoarding pieces of jewelry, thinking you would melt them later? Bitcoin fixes this by offering the properties of gold with unprecedented verifiability. While you're at it, you will learn a little more about the history of money.

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Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to receive donations? Need a way to raise funds without a bank account? Do you hate third party fees for otherwise charitable purposes? Bitcoin fixes this by offering a faster and more transparent way to send money. It puts the legacy financial system to shame.

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